For overseas customers

We export and sell both custom-made and finished products all over the world, feel free to contact us from the following inquiry form.
The Japanese market are sold to trade-in the genuine normal steering.
But Overseas customers does not sell because it takes even postage.
For overseas customers, we provide your order products with the base steering fee included.
There is no return of genuine parts after the arrival of the product.

About new order production

It will be provided Processing for genuine steering.
we do not return Genuine parts after arriving goods.
You can freely produce wood color, stitch color, leather color, punching presence,the thickness of the grip, etc.
Production period takes around 50days from your order.

About payment and shipment

Please pay by PayPal within 5 days after contact from us at the time of product completion.
Deposit payment is no required, but the order is non-cancelable.
If you do not have a PayPal account, please transfer to our bank account.
We will send out the product by EMS within 2 days after payment is confirmed.

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